Bristol Photos from 2003

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Vincent Van Gogh Balloon.

Vincent Van Gogh Balloon in the grounds of Ashton Court Estate.

800x600 2 Images 128K, 19th December 2003.

The Pump House, Bristol Docks.

The Pump House, now a pub beside Cumberland Bridge swing bridge, Bristol Docks.

800x600 Image 59K, 7th December 2003.

Final Flight of Concorde.

The last concorde returns to Filton in Bristol, taken from the Avon Bridge.

800x600 Image 29K, 26th November 2003.

Clifton Suspension Bridge.

Clifton Suspension Bridge from the Avon Tow Path now part of the Avon Trail.

800x600 Image 50K, 12th November 2003.

Fallow Deer Stag

Fallow Deer Stag in Ashton Court, Bristol.

800x600 Image 51K, 21st September 2003

Bristol ½ Marathon.

Early Leaders - Bristol ½ Marathon, Hotwells.

800x300 Image 26K, 7th September 2003

Bristol Kite Festival.

Sea Horse and Scuba Divers at the Bristol Kite Festival.

800x600 2 Images 79K, 31st August 2003

Greville Smyth.

Greville Smyth in Ashton Court, Bristol.

800x600 Image 69K, 30th August 2003.

Old Severn Bridge.

Old Severn Bridge in Gloucestershire.

800x600 Image 24K, 24st August 2003.

Bristol Balloon Fiesta Night Glow.

Night Glow, Balloon Fiesta, Ashton Court Bristol.

1600x476 Image 61K, 10th August 2003.

Harbourside Festival 2003.

Portbury Steam Engine and the Gallant with the Arnolfini behind (above).

The Matthew and the Earl of Pembroke (above).

Millennium Square and the Bristol Brass Band (above) all at the Bristol Harbourside Festival 2003.

800x600 6 Images 276K, 3rd August 2003.

Cirque Bijou, Millennium Square.

Cirque Bijou, Millennium Square, Harbourside Festival 2003.

800x600 Image 43K. 2nd August 2003

Matthew and Great Britain.

Matthew and Great Britain at the Marine Heritage Centre Bristol.

800x600 Image 40K, 27 July 2003.

New Severn Bridge.

New Severn Bridge in Gloucestershire.

800x600 2 Images 68K, 2nd February 2003.

Clevedon Pier, Somerset.

Clevedon Pier, with the 2nd photo taken from poets walk.

800x600 2 Images 60K, 11th January 2003.

River Avon and Avon Gorge.

River Avon and Suspension Bridge, from Brunel Lock Road.

800x600 Image 55K, 10th January 2003

A4 pipe burst in the Avon Gorge.

Waterpipe main burst in the Avon Gorge.

800x600 Image 75K, 5th July 2001

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